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FREE Same Day Delivery & Install in Bayside, Kingston & Glen Eira

We will beat any like-for-like RACV Member price by $50!

Replacing your battery is as easy as:

1. Contact us

2. We determine the right battery for your car and give you a price

3. We book in a same-day delivery time that suits you

4. We fit your new battery and recycle your old one!

5. Pay over the phone or on delivery

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Car Battery Price Guide

If it does turn out that your battery is unfortunately no longer functional, you can know what to expect to pay with our with our 4 point pricing for new car batteries.

All our batteries come with a warranty between 30-42 months.

  • $175 or $215 for most common small cars up to 610 CCA
  • $215-265 for 4WD, SUV, diesel or Japanese Stop-Start cars
  • $245-295 for European cars (NON-Start-Stop)
  • $275-390+ for European cars post-2010 or with Stop-Start/iStop

More information is available on our Car Battery webpage. Call or use the form to get a price for your car.

Why choose Grow Energy?

- Our Price Beat Guarantee: We will beat any like-for-like RACV Member price quote by $50
- Free delivery and install within Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira!
- All our batteries come with 30 - 42 month warranties
- We take your old battery away to be recycled
- Pay over the phone or via EFTPOS upon delivery
- Support local!

Get your car battery replaced by your local professionals

At Grow Energy, we are experienced with every car make and model. We stock AGM Car Batteries and EFB Batteries for start/stop vehicles. With our extensive range of batteries, we will fit your car with the right battery.

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Our Top Car Battery Questions

How long should a car battery last?

This varies between different models and ages, as well as how the battery has been used (has it been left unused for long periods, has it been used in freezing or very hot conditions, etc.).

The rule of thumb is 3-5 years.

AGM batteries for European cars are designed to last 6 years. These cost more and last longer.

How can I get my car battery tested?

Pop in to see us for a $30 battery test and electrical systems test (alternator). The $30 is redeemable on a new car battery if you do need one.

To save yourself from an inconvenient breakdown, we recommend regular battery testing after three years.

Is it the battery, or is it the alternator?

The alternator is what charges your battery, and so a fault with your alternator can cause your battery to die prematurely. This is why it’s important to have your alternator tested whenever you have your car battery changed, to make sure it doesn’t happen again! We include alternator testing with every new car battery install, so you’ll have peace of mind.

What are the signs that my car battery is dying?

  • The car is slow to start (turnover).
  • The lights or dashboard are dimmer than usual.
  • The engine light has come on.
  • It smells like rotten eggs (gas leaking from the car battery).
  • There is visible corrosion around the metal connections on the battery.
  • The battery case has swollen or cracked.

How long can a car battery be left sitting before dying?

A car battery that is connected (in your car) can die in as little as two-four weeks if left unused. This is due to the “always on” nature of modern car electronic systems draining the battery.

If you’re not using your car, remember to drive it around the block for at least 5-10 minutes each week to allow it to recharge the battery and avoid it going flat.

If you know you won’t be using your car for an extended period, consider disconnecting the battery from the car.

How do I jump start my car?

To jump start your car, you need a jump starter pack (a.k.a. jumper leads). We sell the Matson 12V Lithium Portable Jump Starter for $195.

Then you need to be able to locate your battery and its terminals. Some batteries are in difficult locations, in which case they have a 'jump start point'.

If you have a jump starter pack and can locate the terminals, it's straight forward to jump start your car.

However, unless you have the unfortunate habit of often leaving your lights on, the average person shouldn't need to invest in a jump starter kit. It's more economical to get a $75 jump start and battery test from us.

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