Dual Battery Kits

Auxiliary Battery Set-ups for 4WDs

Dual battery set-ups refer to having two different batteries in your vehicle. They serve two different functions: One is your starter (a.k.a. cranking) battery, is designed to start your car. The second (auxiliary) battery is designed to provide power to charge tools, run lights, a fridge or other electronics. With a dual battery set-up, you don't have to worry about flattening your starter battery.

Get your dual battery set-up sorted with Grow Energy. Have a look at our kits below, and either install it yourself or book in to get it installed by our experts!

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Create Your Set-up in 3 Steps

Our dual battery kits come complete with everything you need: a battery box, DC to DC battery charger and all necessary wiring. Simply choose your DC to DC charger and battery below, and you're set!

1. Wiring Components Included in Each Kit:

  • Matson battery box with voltage display and 2 USB ports
  • 40amp Redarc midi fuse kit
  • Anderson plugs
  • 6m of battery cable 8b&s red and black
  • Heat shrink
  • Battery lugs
  • Corrugated split sleeve 5m
Wiring Kit Web

2. Choose Your Battery Charger

What does a battery charger do?

The DC to DC charger is a smart piece of technology that takes power from your starter battery/alternator only when you’re driving and won’t take any power once your vehicle is switched off. That means your starter battery (the one that starts your vehicle) won’t go flat from keeping your fridge or phone powered!

How many amps do I need in my battery charger?

The amps determine how quickly you’ll be able to charge your auxiliary battery. A 40AMP charger will charge a battery twice as fast as a 20AMP charger.

What’s the difference between Matson and Redarc?

Redarc is made in Australia, for Australian conditions. Matson is a lesser known but reliable alternative that is made in China.

Dual Battery Kit 1Web
Matson Kit #1
with 20 AMP DC-DC Charger
Dual Battery Kit 2Web
Matson Kit #2
with 40 AMP DC-DC Charger
Dual Battery Kit 3Web
Redarc Kit #1
with 20 AMP DC-DC Charger
Dual Battery Kit 4Web
Redarc Kit #2
with 40 AMP DC-DC Charger

3. Choose Your Auxiliary Battery

Your auxiliary battery is designed to power your electronics - lights, fridge, tools... All the things you can't live without.

Want to learn about the advantages of Lithium Ion batteries over lead-acid batteries? Visit our Lithium Ion Batteries page.

Hyundai DC27
640CCA Starting
90AH Deep cycle
30 month warranty
Amptech 100 Ah
AGM Deep Cycle
24 month warranty
Poweroad Prlr100
Poweroad *Premium*
Lithium Ion
3 year warranty
Li Battery Batteric 135Ah Top
Lithium Ion
3 year warranty

Let us install it for you!

Dual Battery Kit Install2

Book your set-up today

Our experts will kit you out with your dual battery system and show you how to use it. Maximum installation cost is $600. If it takes less than 6 hours, you pay by the hour ($100 per hour).

Going away for longer than a weekend?

Both the Matson and Redarc DC to DC chargers listed here have solar input, which means that you can connected a portable solar panel to your auxiliary battery to charge it up!

Check out our full range of portable solar panels and solar blankets.

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