Premium Quality Electric Bike Batteries

Our e-bike batteries come with better performance features, which include higher energy density, superior capacity, longer life cycle, low self-discharge as well as quick charging.

E-Bike Battery Price Guide

Grow Energy has over 40 electric bike batteries in stock. All current stock are made with Samsung, Panasonic or LG cells and come with 24 month warranty. Download our latest guide with prices. We can also source wholesale electric bike batteries for larger volume.Weather you require one battery or e-bike repair store call us for a price.

Price guide for e-bike batteries is between for 36 volt batteries is between $330- $550 majority between the $420-$500.

For 48 volt battery price between $520- $650. Call 03 8820 8133 for pricing

Grow Energy your Lithium Ion specialist stocking all batteries from e-bikes to home storage.

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Performance Coupled Quality and Value

As a buyer, it is essential for you to evaluate the electric battery parameters before you make your purchase decision. It is common to get confused about making an ideal choice. Our experts will assist you with this.

When you buy our electric bike batteries, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Increased energy density
  • Best in class battery with preference Samsung, Panasonic and LG cells
  • Finding balance between range and price

In case of queries, directly reach out to us at 03 8820 8133 or write to You can also post your queries online.

Grow Energy can also arrange for shipping to any location in Australia.

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Our Range

We stock foldaway commuters, fat bikes and mountain bikes. Our brands include Rilu, VelectriX and Cap Rouge. If you require different tyres, batteries or weights, we've got you covered. We have a small test track that allows you to try different styles of bikes. Most people try 3 different sizes so they feel comfortable they have found the right bike. Now pedal assist bikes means you still need to pedal but the battery is also powering the bike. This has opened up new markets such as fat tyres. These have not been popular in past as too much effort required due to thickness of tyre. With assistance from motor and battery these are now our most popular bike. Fat tyre's allows you to go anywhere and have better traction on road services

Click on the bike name to see the specs


Cap Rouge

Fixy Station commute $990

Folding Bike $1100

Fat Tyre$1,800

*All prices include GST



Dart $1,190

BOLT7-SH $1,790

E-GLIDER 7 $1,390

POGO 7-D $2,190

Q-F7T $1,590


*All prices include GST

What to look for in E-Bikes

Electric bike batteries and motors are the most important components of an electric bike. Without a good electric bike battery and motor, you’re not going anywhere!

Battery technology is evolving rapidly, so it’s hard to know what type of battery is best. We pride ourselves on being battery specialists and are here to help you make an informed decision on what is the best electric bike for you.

A good quality motor will always have their brand printed on the motor and it will be advertised. If you are looking at an electric bike and you can not clearly see the brand of the motor then this is the reason why some electric bikes are cheaper than others.

Here at Grow Energy we only stock top quality electric bikes and together with you, we will find your perfect bike to meet your price range.

Rilu bikes are our our premium bikes of choice which have lithium-ion Panasonic or Samsung batteries and Bafang motors. We also stock Velectrix and Cap Rouge Rouge electric bikes which all include lithium-ion batteries and are top quality.

Already have a bike but need a replacement battery. We stock quality Samsung and Panasonic cell batteries for E-bikes.

Bafabg Shimano
Bafang Shimano

Grow Energy has partnered with PayRight payment plans and can offer our entire range of E-Bikes with 12 months interest free terms.

Packages start from as low as $95 per month for 12 months after a 10% deposit.

  1. Ask in-showroom about paying with PayRight
  2. Sign up to PayRight in minutes on your smart phone
  3. Choose when you would like to make your repayments
  4. Enjoy your purchase and pay us back over time with zero interest