Portable Power Hubs

Camping with comfort!

If you're heading away for a weekend (or longer!), don't risk flattening your starter battery by running your fridge or light off it. Get yourself an easy to use, portable power hub with a solar blanket to recharge it, and you'll be wondering how you ever went camping without it.

The Battery Box

Our portable power hubs can be easily taken in and out of your car, so they're not in the way when you're not using them. They come with power outlets for every 12V device, plus two USB ports, and are intuitive to use.

The Battery

For most camping setups, we recommend a 100 or 120Ah battery, which is what our standard kits come with. Choose from either a 120Ah lead-acid or 100Ah lithium ion battery. We do stock larger batteries - please see our deep cycle and lithium ion battery pages.

The main advantage of a lithium battery over a lead-acid is the weight. 120Ah lead-acid weighs 32kg, while a 100Ah lithium ion ways 9kg.

The Solar Blanket

A power hub isn't complete without a 200W solar blanket to be unfolded in the sun to recharge your battery. A 200W solar blanket will (on a sunny day) maintain and top up your battery during the day. So given sunny weather, you can stay off-grid indefinitely. Of course, weather is not that reliable, and on cloudy days you will be draining down your battery (for reference, an average 60L camping fridge draws about 48Ah per day - an LED bar light can draw 8 amps per hour).

Our solar blankets have an in-built MPPT to regulate the charge feeding into the battery, so you don't have to worry about overcharging. Fold it up and throw it in the boot when you're done!

If you're looking for an auxiliary battery to be wired into your car permanently, head over to our Dual Battery Setups page.

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AGM Power Hub $950

  • Battery box with voltage display and 2 USB ports
  • 200W Kings Solar Blanket
  • 120Ah Amp-Tech lead-acid AGM battery
Portable Power Hub Kit Agm Battery Solar Blanket Web

Lithium Power Hub $1130

  • Battery box with voltage display and 2 USB ports
  • 200W Kings Solar Blanket
  • 100Ah Batteric Lithium Ion LIFEPO4 battery
Portable Power Hub Kit Lithium Ion Battery Solar Blanket Web
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