Full-Service Renewable Energy Products

Looking for a way to turn to green energy?

Our selection of products offers a great way to manage energy better and lower your energy bills. At Grow Energy, we genuinely wish to offer clean and efficient energy solutions easily accessible to everyone. We bring you a complete range of renewable energy solutions to cater to your various needs. From solar panels, storage batteries to electric bikes batteries, we have amazing options for you to choose from.

Solar Panel Installation in Bentley:

Solar panels offer a dependable and sustainable way to generate energy and have emerged to be quite popular. They do not emit any hazardous waste and can help you manage your energy better. Moreover, with the feed-in tariff option, you get paid for electricity fed back to the electricity grid from your solar panels. If you need any assistance with solar panel installation, we can help you. We offer high-quality solar panels along with professional installation service.

A Complete Range of Solar Batteries:

Our solar batteries comply with the highest standards of quality and are sure to offer an unparalleled level of efficiency. The brands that we currently stock include Ecoult, Plyontech, LG Chem, Samsung, Neutron, Simplifi, BYD, Sonnen and Enphase. Over the past few months, we have also been stocking Tesla.

Automotive Batteries:

We stock a huge selection of automotive starting batteries and can even bring the battery to you for installation.

Electric Bike Batteries:

Equipped with improved performance features and built to offer lasting performance, our e-bike batteries are known for their lasting performance. When choosing a battery, you may get confused. We are here to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Smart Energy Solutions For Your Home:

We have a range of options for you to choose from. Based on your precise needs, you can select a renewable energy product that best suits you. Visit our showroom to learn about the various renewable energy options that we have for you. Still have questions? Then just dial 03 8820 8133 or write to We can help you with all your solar panel needs.