What does your business need from a battery?

Posted on February 21, 2018

You feel that your business would benefit from a battery. Currently, two different technologies co-exist on the market: lead-acid and lithium-ion. At Grow Energy, we wish to accompany you on this journey, and help you choose the system you need.

Due to their different chemistries, a lead-acid battery can be discharged and recharged (a cycle) 500 times (or go through 500 cycles), whereas lithium batteries can go through at least 5000 cycles and have a higher energy density. However, lead-acid batteries still hold a large part of the market and will not be replaced by lithium-ion batteries for at least a decade. Indeed, due to their strong market presence for 160 years, lead-acid batteries are cheap and widely manufactured, whereas lithium-ion batteries, as newcomers on the energy market, are a lot more expensive.

Putting the battery chemistry aside, your business actually has its own specific energy needs. Our experts at Grow Energy wish to find the best battery to match your needs.

During a black-out, a small business needs to be able to power phones, internet and eftpos machines. In this case the portable all-in-one hub fits your needs (Growenergy recommendation: Projecta Power-Hub). Using an integrated 12 V - 100 AH Lead-acid battery (1.2 kWh system), inverter and smart battery management, the Power-Hub will enable you to recharge and power your absolutely necessary appliances for a few hours during a black-out.

If you are looking for a larger back-up power system to power your small business completely run as usual (to keep the lights, hot water, kitchen, fridges and air conditioning on), we can put together with you a larger system by putting together a unit with 20-40 lead-acid batteries (10-30 kWh) and study your energy bill to design it as well as possible.

If as a business, you wish to use your battery to harness the energy from the sun and power your business at night, then large lithium ion system (30 kWh-100 kWh) is what your business needs. At this scale, selling the surplus back to the grid makes sense, and you can register as an LGC. This will also occasionally automatically back-up your business without you even noticing it.

Come to Grow Energy, our team of experts will help you make sense and cents of this!