Why cars need AGM batteries

Posted on June 25, 2018

Cars we are driving now are different than those 20 years ago. So are the batteries required to start and power our cars. Cars now are coming out with AGM batteries which normally cost up to twice as much than regular batteries but why.

Three areas the vehicle has changed over last 20 years.

  1. Cars now come with Stop/ Start actions. This could result in car starting 10 times or more in the morning commute. Each start discharges the battery and the AGM battery allows it to handle discharge down to 20%. Other big factor is AGM batteries can charge up to 3 times faster than regular batteries. Making AGM a must for stop /start vehicles.
  2. High accessories load such as heated seats, blue tooth, DVD plus everything else attached to your car. Look back 20-30 years ago and see what electrics you had when you left your car for extended period. The AGM battery self discharges at a lower rate than normal batteries. Only 3% self discharge per month. This coupled with electronics on your vehicle allow the battery best chance to start your vehicle after not running for long periods. If it does discharge the battery cycles better than standard. Note no battery likes to be stored in fully discharged state recommended charging if below 30% otherwise damage is caused to battery.
  3. Batteries are not always installed under bonnet of vehicle. All AGM car batteries we sell have VRLA which is Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. This means it is sealed and will not gas. Sometimes batteries are under seats or in boot which could gas or spill acid. Rather than take the risk manufactures recommend AGM for your safety. Not all standard batteries are VRLA

These 3 points plus AGM perform better in cold weather which is great for Victoria and Melbourne driving. Your battery has been designed as the best product for your car including charging voltage. AGM means Absorbed Glass Mat which is the separators between the active plates. When its time to replace your battery and asked what would you prefer AGM or standard battery. Our recommendation is always AGM money well spent. Come down to Grow Energy your AGM specialist.