AGM Batteries Require Registration/Validation

Posted on July 19, 2018

Modern vehicles such as Audi, BMW,Citroen, Ford, Land Rover VW, Volvo and many more have now required to register the battery when you install new battery. As todays charge systems become more complex so to does the regular changing of car battery. A battery registration tells on-board computer that a new battery has now been installed and will manage the electronic load and charge of the newly installed battery.

This registration is done through special tools such as SP iMAT which plug into OBD port and communicates with on-board computer. Some cases warning lights appear on dashboard due to old battery in low state of voltage. In most cases the iMAT can reset these warning lights.

Now batteries are constructed with Calcium or you will hear terms such as EFB, AGM or Deep Cycle. All these different manufacturing process are chosen for the performance of your vehicle. Now more than ever need to go to a specialist who understands different construction and one who has the correct tools to install.

At Grow Energy not only do we know construction of batteries we also have the latest software tools to complete our service package.