How Australia Has Welcomed E-Bikes

Posted on December 24, 2018

The sale of e-bikes has been on the rise in Australia. You can see them everywhere and almost every age group seems to have taken a liking to it.

They are easily recognizable by the bulging batteries that power the electric motors on which they run. And their biggest benefit over regular bikes is the momentum you can obtain without sweating it out a lot.

So why are Australians embracing e-bikes like never before? Let’s explore!

Travel in Comfort and Save Time

People using e-bikes swear by their efficiency in reducing travel time and making it easier for them to commute. Because an e-bike runs on batteries, it is faster than your average bike. This makes it ideal for your daily commute whether to the office or any other place you go regularly.

E-bikes have really transformed biking from a leisurely activity to an actual mode of transport. With an e-bike, you don’t have to get stuck in the traffic for hours or sweat it out in crowded trains and other public transport.

You have your own transport that is sleek enough to dodge heavy traffic, comfortable enough so that you don’t turn up sweaty in office and fast enough to reach your destination in time.

An Alternate or Additional Transport

E-bikes can be an excellent additional or alternate vehicle for your family. With fuel prices rising forever, you can save substantially by using an e-bike instead of your car.

You don’t need two cars anymore if you have an e-bike.

You can ride it anywhere and cargo e-bikes (a longer version of the regular e-bike) are ideal for shopping and going to the grocer whenever required.

Moreover, e-bikes can run on any terrain so you can easily ride it to the beach or up the hills over the weekend. You no longer need the car for your weekend outings if you have one or two e-bikes in your garage.

Combine Travel with Workout

Just because an e-bike runs on electricity, don’t think it’s all easy.

You have to actually pedal manually for some time before the bike picks up momentum. And then the motor stops on its own once you have reached a speed of 25km/hr. You have to pedal again on your own till the bike picks up momentum.

E-bikes are thus a perfect combination of travel and workout. In fact, research indicates that people who have been using e-bikes for over a month, show significant improvement in their cardiovascular health, blood sugar level and aerobic capacity.