How do I choose quality Deep Cycle AGM Battery for camping

Posted on March 02, 2019

Many batteries are now purchased over the internet especially for auxiliary batteries used for camping or 4WD second battery.

Most brands have similar ratings and the two biggest selling sizes are 305mm long = 100Ah and 330mm long 120Ah.

So how do you know the quality. Being in the batteries for 40 years you get to see many different marketing spins. I still believe the best way to tell the quality is to look at the weight of the battery. If the case is the same size the difference is the amount of lead in the battery. The heavier the battery the more amount of lead. Thicker plates won't give you more power but it will give you longer life.

In the 330mm case 120AH we stock 3 brands

Neuton Deep Cycle AGM 120 Ah weight 34kg

REMCO Deep Cycle AGM 120Ah weight 36.2kg

Fullriver Deep Cycle AGM 120Ah weight 36.6kg

Not surprising Fullriver is one of the most trusted Deep Cycle battery on the market and also the heaviest in weight.

Compare this to batteries sold on the internet 330mm 135Ah weight 30.2kg

You have to ask yourself how could a battery same size Deep Cycle AGM have 12 % more power and weigh 20% less

Don't fall for false ratings over the internet.

Our Deep Cycle batteries can if ordered prior to 10 o'clock can be delivered same day across Melbourne South East suburbs and Bayside location.

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