How much does an e-bike cost

Posted on May 31, 2019

Each year more electric bikes are sold. Price is coming down and now we are seeing different market quality products and different prices. How does the average consumer tell what is a good deal.

Most people understand the difference in normal bike prices. Front shockers, rear shocker, disc brakes all add to the cost of the battery.

With electric bike this is the same base but now you must add high or low quality in battery, motor control and display. People believe it it has quality bike parts the bike is good. Look for battery quality Samsung or Panasonic cells. Motors such as Bosch and Baafang quality motors.

Entry level bikes you want to budget between $1,200- $1,600. This is for entry level bike that will be good quality. Anything under $1,000 beware unless old stock and they are clearing away for new line.

People who use electric bike 3 times or more a week should be looking to spend $2,000- $3,000. These will have excellent batteries and motors plus as we learn more and more about repairs these are normally 5th generation each time tweaked to be more reliable. They will also have

High level over $4,000 +. You can spend up to $10,000 on some e-bikes but these people know what they are looking for and get it.

Watch out for high watt motors that you won't be able to ride on the roads. Anything over 250w you can only ride on private property so you could be wasting your money if you buy 500w 750w or 1000w motor.

Also don't get caught buy-in online especially cheap bikes under $1,000. These will no doubt have poor quality batteries and motors. If anything goes wrong you are liable to cover cost to ship bike back to be repaired. This will cost $150 each way so you will be up for $300. Try buy local it may be a little more but you will save in long run.