Buying Deep Cycle Battery online

Posted on May 31, 2019

More people are looking at price AH and warranty when purchasing online. You must also take into account some other items so you can make the correct choice.

Warranty in most cases requires you to ship product back and you are required to cover the cost plus cost to send out new battery if faulty. Online shopping does not always show how to claim a warranty. I have noticed now some companies offering pro-rata warranty. This is a rip-off and you should stay away from companies marketing like this. They still offer it in USA but it was driven out of Australia over 30 years ago.

How does pro rata warranty work. Companies offer up to 7 years warranty ( when average life is 4 years) it means 12 months full warranty. After this pro-rata kicks in. If your battery last 4 years you will need to pay 70% of RRP and getting 30% discount off RRP. Trouble is the RRP price nobody sells at and you will normally buying 50% of RRP. This means you get nothing off and have to ship them the old one. They may say don't worry about shipping just pay 30% off and keep the old one. You will still be paying more than their advertised price. Bottom line is you thought it was warranty for 7 years and the person telling you the truth you didn't buy off. Dont give people telling you tales business.

Finally how do you tell if the AH is true. Look at the weight of the battery. A good 120AH battery should way more than 33kg. Anything less you are cutting out lead. No way can a 140ah battery AGm weight less than 38kg.

Happy shopping and find someone telling the truth. Check out our range of batteries.