Solar Rebate on Pause Till July

Posted on May 31, 2019

It was announced in April that Victoria’s Solar Homes program had been completely fulfilled for the year 2018-19. Between April and July, the focus of the Victoria State Government will be to solely concentrate on the applications already received. The applications will re-open again on July 1st and yearly targets will be closely assessed to ensure that there is sustainability for the households and industry across a span of 10 years of the said program. When the program restarts in July, an annual target will also be put forth.

  • The eligibility applications received before the announcement of the pause will be processed based on the existing requirements.

  • Any client who has an eligibility application will have to wait for communication that confirms the eligibility.

  • If a client has the eligibility number, but without a system installed, they can go ahead with the system installation and then apply for the rebate.

  • If a client has applied for rebate application, the same will be processed based on the current requirements.


In case a client is planning to install solar PV but has not sent an application, they will have to wait for the applications to open again in July. To receive a solar rebate, they will first need the eligibility confirmation after which the system can be installed. In case a deposit has been received by the retailer from a household but the application has not yet been placed, the deposit will have to be returned.

If you are a solar retailer, you need to ensure that you are a party to the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. Every solar retailer needs to be a signatory to the code and since the CEC will take time to process the application, retailers should apply well in advance of the deadline.

The Procedure from 1 July 2019

Solar Victoria will put forth a point-of-sale rebate scheme after applications re-open. This implies that applicants will first need to receive an eligibility confirmation after which they can sign the solar contract with the retailer. After the confirmation of the installation, the rebate will be given to the retailer and subtracted from the system price. In case a solar PV system is installed without the eligibility confirmation, the householder will not be able to request a rebate.

To complement the rebate, Solar Victoria also intends to offer a loan component without interest. Householders applying after July will benefit from the no-interest loan. All details regarding the same will be announced soon by Solar Victoria.

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