Redback Solar Battery for Homes

Posted on June 01, 2019

Redback home solar battery is allowing people to not only use the power they produce but also to see when they are using power.

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Todays battery systems do much more than just store the power for later use. When you purchase a Redback hybrid inverter it comes standard with one of the best apps showing you the flow of your power. This app then allows you to join power response programs such as Energy Australia offers $1,000 credit on your account plus paying up to $4.00 per kw they use in peak times. Imagine selling power to your energy company for $4.00kw that's a good feeling.

With Victorian Home Battery rebate of up to $4,833 back it lowers the payback of solar and battery to under 7 years. A all-time low.

Its not only about the payback Redback home solar battery gives you independence and playing a big part in renewable energy up take. In case the grid goes down it can also supply emergency backup power not for all house but for your essential services.

Come talk to us and we can explain all the benefits what a home solar battery provides your family.