Home Storage Battery Rebate

Posted on June 21, 2019

Solar Victoria home battery storage rebate is about to start July 1st 2019. We have just been notified that the rebate is only open for certain postcodes around Melbourne. Most of the Mornington Peninsula and Narre Warren area. Post codes that can apply for home battery rebate are the following.

3977, 3978. ,3936,3939, 3941, 3942,3943,3944. More on Geelong and Northern area. If you are in these areas and have solar you can now apply for up to $4,833 back from the state government. This will cut the cost of battery in half and making one of the best times to invest in home storage battery.

Keep in touch as Solar Victoria will adjust the list and opening up more approved areas. Think they are just trying to get process correct before rolling it out state wide

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