Deep Cycle and AGM Battery

Posted on September 13, 2019

Deep cycle batteries function as energy storage units in which voltage and electricity are generated using a chemical reaction. Widely used in the context of renewable energy, the batteries are crated to discharge and recharge many times. In contrast to car batteries, deep cycle batteries provide power for a longer duration.

Types of Deep Cycle Batteries:

  • Gel batteries
  • Flooded batteries
  • Absorbed Glass Mat batteries
  • Lithium-ion

Each of the above batteries has a different manufacturing process and the flooded battery is the most popular one among conventional batteries. While the gel batteries have gel-like substances in them the AGM batteries are made of a glass mat separator with suspended acid. Currently, in Australia, the flooded, AGM and gel batteries are widely used in off-grid scenarios. However, lithium-ion battery systems will soon witness a surge in grid-connected households.

AGM Batteries

A version of the lead-acid deep cycle battery, AGM batteries are created such that the electrolyte absorbs into the fibreglass mat. The internal resistance of the battery is comparatively lower than traditional ones and it has the resilience to handle a higher temperature. Moreover, they self-discharge slowly.

Choosing the Right Battery

The fact that all deep cycles batteries do not offer the same level of performance makes the selection a confusing task. There might be claims that a particular battery will suit the energy storage purpose but it is important to make an informed choice. All batteries are not the same and they differ significantly there is variation even within the same category of batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are an investment and buying one that lasts longer is necessary. An easy way to narrow down your search and figure out the best battery is to find out the cycle rating. This indicates the number of times the battery can be discharged and recharged. The best benchmark in this regard is the IEC-896-2 that is established on a 100% discharge. However, it is not recommended to discharge any battery 100% since it might lead to a decline in the life of the battery.

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