5 Things to Know Before Buying Solar Panels

Posted on October 04, 2019

1- Determine how many years you will keep your residence,

A minimum of 5 years and up, will indicate that you are an excellent candidate to have Solar Panel and enjoy what is the best on the market for you and your family.

2- What is the minimum budget for a Solar Panels System?

It is a big investment that deserves some thinking with the help of professionals of the Industry. Because of the big rush of the Victoria Solar Rebate, it becomes unfortunate that some retailers just want to go after your money and won’t advise you what is the best Solar Panel System for you. Rushing your decision is bad. You will regret it.

At Grow Energy, we are taking our time to explain to you how a Solar Panel System could be design into your home, for the best efficiency and return on investment.

Going for top labels such as LG, Sunpower with Enphase are our choices because they last longer (up to 25 years) and adds more cost versus mid-range solar panels. JA Solar, Longi and Jinko offer great value for money combining high quality and quick payback.

Risen and Opal are for people looking for shortest payback and moving out under 10 years.

3- Do I need to purchase a battery with my Solar Panel System?

You do not need to buy a battery to perform your new Solar Panel System. It is recommended, but not necessary. When you install your Solar Panel System, you will “feed” back to the electrical grid the excess amount of electricity that you are producing and not using for your own consumption. That is the reason why during Summer, your Solar Panel System is at its optimum usage. The current rate for feeding back into the electrical grid is between 12 cents per KW to 20 cents per kilowatts. Also, keep in mind that during summer, the daylight/sunlights last longer during the day, it means in most of the cases, families that pick up the right Solar Panel Systems would see their money back into their pocket for generating more electricity than for their own consumption.

Yes, it is possible, just ask, contact us for more information about it.

4 - Do I need a North facing roof to install my solar panels? How many panels

The answer was YES, a decade ago. In 2019, the Solar Panels have been showing an excellent rate for proficiency compared to the price.

It means that North facing is a good choice and easier to design your Solar Panel System but if your house is facing East/West, there are other good options that your retailer could propose to you such as adding more solar panels to compensate the lack of light of your roof. We generally place 2 more panels on East and West which more than makes up for lower production. How many panels most homes we fill the roof of two directions. Either North/West or North/East or East/West.

Only about 30% of installs we are lucky enough to have all panels facing North. We don’t live in an ideal world.

5- Why choosing Grow Energy Cheltenham to buy my Solar Panel System?

  • They have a physical shop where you could meet an Expert to talk about your project. You could come alone or as a couple/family to make a decision. All questions are answer clearly and an immediate proposal/quote will be provided to you.
  • Grow Energy has the latest knowledge with Solar Panel Systems/Batteries/Inverters. As a retailer, they have tried/tested/installed the best systems in family houses and small-medium commercial shops. You will be using their knowledge and their expertise to build trust. You will understand how it works, the cost and the after-care product.
  • Grow Energy has the clientele satisfaction and when you enter into their client circle, then starts a real follow-up to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.
  • We are taking our job very seriously, and we are defending green values, to preserve our planet.
5 Things To Know Before Buying Solar Panels