Selecting a Marine Battery

Posted on February 06, 2020

On a boat, there is a need for a battery for generally to start the engine (for obvious reasons) and the second to power light electrical appliances on board. In this piece, we’re going to be covering AGM batteries and how they can be the perfect choice for your next purchase.

What are AGM batteries?

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a battery comprising of lead-acid components that supports the high power requirements of vehicles. In our case, perfect for boats and marine vehicles.

Their qualities include:

  • Resistance to high vibration
  • Low maintenance
  • No spills and unwanted leakage compared to other batteries

AGM batteries are high density, but have low resistance, which allows for increased starting power for boats and charging capabilities (like faster charging etc). It also has a longer life in comparison to other batteries due to a lower self-discharge rate. It makes for a good choice for a marine battery since it serves the dual purpose perfectly and effectively.

What are the applications of the battery?

Starting battery

Starting batteries, which do exactly as the name suggests, help the boat start effectively and provides it with the power it needs.

They are made with alternative layers of plates (i.e, positive and negative) along with insulation.

These layers are thinner than other batteries so as to create large bursts of current to start the vehicle.

The downside of this architecture is that they are :

  • Fragile
  • Do not react well once discharge on internal fluid start, thus reducing their longevity

Deep Cycle Battery

If starting batteries are meant for the sprint, deep cycle batteries are made for the long ride. They essentially run the whole show it terms of taking the electrical road aboard your vehicle. It is the one charging your appliances when there is no source charge. Instead of the thing plates of the starter batteries, these have thicker plates which allows them to recover completely after going through heavy usage.

Dual-Purpose Batteries

Dual batteries offer the users the best of both worlds, by offering as a great starting battery while being offering the marathon capabilities of a deep cycle battery. While they have lower capacity in comparison to deep cycle batteries, they still serve the purpose adequately if appropriate care is taken to maintain the power usage.

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