We have one of the largest ranges of storage batteries in Victoria and Australia.


Storage Batteries Designed to Endure

At Grow Energy, we offer top quality storage batteries including home power storage batteries and solar battery storage options.

At Grow Energy, we have the batteries made of top-quality materials with stringent quality control process. This assures unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Wide Variety of Storage Batteries

Right from lithium ion to flow batteries and Ecoult’s Ultrabattery with new lead-acid technology, we have got everything lined up for you.

Designed by CSIRO, Australia, our batteries are bound to sustain and perform. Currently, we stock the brands Ecoult, Plyontech, LG Chem, Samsung, Neutron, Simplifi, BYD, Sonnen and Enphase. Over the past few months, we have also been stocking Tesla.

Top three battery systems we sell include the following:

1. Sungrow Hybrid Inverter plus - BYD 9.6 kwh batteries

2. Redback Hybrid Inverter plus - 9.6 kwh Pylontech batteries

3. Sungrow Hybrid Inverter plus - 9.6 kwh Samsung/Sungrow batteries

Cost Effective Solar Battery Options

Those who are presently not using solar battery are now finding it all the more cost efficient and are increasingly solar plus batteries. This is mainly because using hybrid inverter decreases the labor costs. Besides, the inverter will match the battery BMS and work in harmony. Today, companies like Energy Australia offer $1,000 credit, just to get some access to the power.

Fill our online form or drop an email to info@growenergy.com.au. You can also directly reach out to us by calling 03 8820 8133.

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$255 inc. GST

CGB AGM Deep Cycle 12 volt 120 AH

Valve regulated lead acid battery

Img 410E1
$290 inc. GST

Hard Core Deep Cycle 12-100 12 volt

100 AH/20hr

$150 inc. GST

CGB 33 AH Deep Cycle

$180 inc. GST

Full RIver DC 35-12 Deep Cycle

Redback Package


Suntech 5.40kw PV System

18 x 300W mono Panels 12 year product warranty 25 year performance

Redback Hybrid Inverter Lithium-Phosphate 4.8 kWh Battery Plus montoring system.

GST Included $11,300 installed. Price is net cost after STC rebates applied. Upgrade to 9.6 kwh battery for only $3,000 extra

*per month over 48 months, available to approved applicants only.
terms & conditions apply, come and see us in our showroom to discuss. Additional cost for two story or commercial tilt systems on flat roofs.




Redback Transparent

SunGrow Package

Longi 5.31kW System

18 x 295W Panels 12 years warranty 25 years performance

SunGrow Hybrid Inverter plus Sungrow/Samsung Li-Ion 4.8kwh Battery

$305 per month*

Price includes GST and installation net price after STC rebate


Upgrade to 9.6kwh for additional $4,200

*per month over 48 months, available to approved applicants only.

terms & conditions apply, come and see us in our showroom to discuss

Sungrow And Canadian 2