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Join the solar revolution with residential renewable energy packages.

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Melbourne is in the midst of a green energy revolution. Homeowners are flocking to renewable energy solutions — from rooftop solar and battery storage to electric cars and bicycles.

With so many options available, though, it's hard to know where to start.

Currently 2019 we have two rebates available. Federal rebate or STC which is taken from the price of install and shown on invoice. For a 5kw system this is normally around $2,800. Also on offer is Victorian State Government rebate 50% up to maximum $2225. Conditions apply such as house under $3 million in value and earning under $180,000. This rebate is taken post installation as you are required to do this as personal information is required.

Grow Energy's Cheltenham showroom fills the missing link. Families can come and learn about the various renewable energy options. We have friendly experts who can explain the most suitable options for you. If you don't have a budget in mind then we can explain cost of different products so you can determine if its beneficial to you.

Our showroom is the only place in Melbourne where you can see, touch and compare the different kinds of solar panels, battery storage options, monitoring systems and more. We can design the system while you are there please allow 30 minutes minimum. Here you can see how many panels fit on your roof and what the price is going to be fully installed.Our price includes design, product supply and installation.

At our showroom, you're free to wander, explore and ask questions with no obligations or sales pitches. We're passionate about renewable energy, and we're here to help. Drop in any time and say g'day!

LONGI 350 watt Solar Panel Tier 1 Premium

Do more with less. Cant fit enough panels on the roof. Try new LONGI 350w mono panel 12 year warranty and 30 year performance warranty

190730 Hi Mox 产品 Kv En 01
190730 Hi Mox 户用 Kv En

Enphase Micro Inverter & Mono Panels

LONGI Mono PERC 350w Tier 1

4.2kW System

12x IQ7X Enphase Micro Inverters

Envoy Monitoring

CEC Certified Installation

Pre-site Inspection

Enphase Iq7


315 W Astronergy Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 6 kW
12 Year Warranty 25 Years Performance

Ja Solar Module
315 W JA Solar Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 6 kW
12 Year Warranty 25 Years Performance

190730 Hi Mox 产品 Kv En 01
350W Longi Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 7 kw
12 Year Warranty 30 Year Performance
6kw Fronius Inverter

Lg Panel Logo
330W Panels Neon2
20 Panels: 6.6kW
25 Year Warranty

Fronius 6kw inverter

Prices Include: Design, Installation, STC Rebate, Inverter, GST
*Available to approved applicants only
Or come in to discuss a "super hot" deal


Grow Energy has partnered with Brighte payment plans.