Solar Panel Rebate

Grab Your Solar Panel Rebate

While solar power is safe and reliable, here is your chance to grab some solar panel rebate in Victoria. The Victorian Government has made solar panels extremely affordable, like never before. You can now save huge amounts because the rebate packages will offer up to 50% rebate on the actual cost of your solar panel. If you are looking for solar rebate in Victoria, then you are at the right place. At Grow Energy, we help you get Solar Victorian rebate.

While certain systems are eligible for rebate, there are some criteria to claim a rebate. One purchaser will be eligible for a single rebate only under Solar Homes Package. However, to claim the rebate, you should ensure the following:

The criteria is the following,

  • Owners live in the home. This means it can't be holiday home or rental property. It has to be principle place of residence.
  • The home is valued under $3million. The form you summit on your house value is the rates notice that comes from your council. The rates notice has the combine land and residence value and what the state government are basing the valuation off. This is something every home owner receives each year.
  • Owner or owners income under $180,000 as documented in your ATO tax assessment.However is on the rates notice you are required to provide assessment weather 1 person or could be uptown 4 people. If one person owns the home then you need this person income. If more than one person owns the home then must include combine income.

At Grow Energy we only stock products eligible for the rebate . One purchaser will be eligible for a single rebate only under Solar Victoria Homes Package.The term 50% rebate is only up to $2225 rebate. You can put a bigger or more expensive system on your roof but the state government will only pay up to $2225. From July 1st 2019 you can now apply for zero % interest over 4 years for up to $2225. However, to claim the rebate, you should ensure the following:

  • Your provider installs product approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)

  • Your provider uses an installer accredited by CEC.

  • Your providers should not have any previous prosecutions in the past 3 years that is registered with the WorkSafe Victoria.

    Common mistakes when applying,

  • Names don't match. People have applied in one name but name on the house may be parents or another family member.
  • May be correct owners name but some people have real name and Australian name. This can be confusing for processing due to what looks like as different people and could result in denying rebate.
  • Trying to claim holiday house but this is not your principle place of resident.
  • Not living in the home when applying. This relates to new builds. While the house is under construction you cannot apply as you are not technically living in the house at time of applying. Name may also be in builders name and in some cases no electricity is supplied yet.

How to apply for Solar Homes Victoria

  1. Grow Energy provides proposal showing what system would cost excluding Solar Homes Rebate. This proposal will show how the panels will look on the roof, energy produced and average monthly savings solar system will provide.
  2. If acceptable Grow Energy will provide a quote outlining products and quote number. We upload this quote with your details onto Solar Homes Victoria portol provided to Grow Energy. We also tick if you are interested in taking up the zero % finance on additional $2225
  3. This generates email with link to upload eligibility documents rates notice and ATO or centrelink information. Grow Energy does not need this as it has sensitive information on it. It will also require you to provide picture ID such as drivers licence and passport. Then you be required to take a selfie for ID purpose. Last it will ask you if you want to pay in installments up to 48 months on $2225. Please note this is not the $2225 rebate , its additional finance option. If your quote is $5,000 and you receive $2225 rebate and you take finance for $2225 you payment to Grow Energy would be $550 and Government would pay $4,450 to Grow Energy and you would pay Government 48 payments of $46.50 over 4 years or sooner.
  4. If eligible you will receive an approval number and once you have this we can install your system.
  5. Please note they pay the rebate directly to Grow Energy so no waiting for rebate.

Problems with the New July 1st rebate

The July 2019 Victorian rebate only allows 3,333 rebates per month and July was used up in 3 days. Main problem people faced is they didn't upload quick enough or they couldn't upload the documents such as face scan. People were also confused about what price to put in the quote and scared to put a high price that was not what they were expected to pay. People who applied and missed out on first offer need to apply again and receive a new quote. Its all computer generate and designed to all work with nobody touching anything. Problem is if it doesn't like what it sees doesn't go any further.

Problems with August 1st rebate.

August rebate was full in under two hours. This meant people learnt from the first session and allocated time to complete at 9.00am. The system jammed with uploads around the 9.15 onwards. We recommend that you have your rates notice uploaded onto computer already. Find the quote and upload rates notice. This will give you a place in the September rebate. You can then go back next day to start uploading other information. Please note September rebate is open on September 2nd at 9.00am

We will explain some tips to make it easier to be approved for Solar Victoria Rebate.

  • Grow Energy will provide you first a proposal outline production levels of solar system, savings and seasonality. If agreed to system and price we will then provide you with a quote and showing all discounts both STC and Solar Victoria rebates. The top price is what the system cost and what GST you are paying for. A 5kw system will have approximately $2,800 STC rebate and $2225 state government rebate.
  • Grow Energy will upload the quote onto the Solar Victoria portal and each month it opens it will generate a email to you and link to upload the documents. It will say you have 14 days to upload the documents. You must make a start on this immediately as if you wait 14 days you will miss out. Have all documents ready to upload day 1. Plan on the first to at least upload something the morning of the 1st August. Set the alarm early and make a start.
  • Know the Grow Energy quote number and the total price with no rebates. Please note this is not the number you will be paying . Its the number we are paying the GST on. Any Government rebates come after GST price. If you are paying Grow Energy $3000 you will need to add STC (between $1500-$5,000 depend on KW your system is) plus $2225 state government rebate.
  • Have rates notice and anybody who is on rates notice ATO assessment. Grow Energy does not require these documents as they are sensitive information.
  • You will need drivers licence and passport to help with facial recognition. This is the area the system didn't work and people couldn't upload. The people who did get rebate in this section they gave up and said they would do it manually. If they haven't fixed the system or your can't upload documents hit manual.Doing this will mean you will be require to provide a statutory declaration.
  • Once you have started uploading documents you are now in the question and have 14 days to finish everything. You must upload something to start in the due.
  • You will be asked if you want to take the repayment option if you hit yes then it will ask you again . This was a little confusing and don't know if they will fix this on next round.
  • You can call Solar Victoria and as long as you have uploaded something to start the process you have time. It will be hard to get through on the 1st
  • Grow Energy is notified at the same time as you if all accepted. We have the number and if it all works can be very streamline. Lets see what August 1 brings and good luck with your application.

Victorian Battery Rebate

Part of election promise for Victorian state government was to offer rebate for batteries. It follows the same criteria as solar, live in the house under $3million in value and earn under $180,000 per year. Difference with this is you may have already installed solar and can still apply for battery rebate. (Please note you can only claim one rebate, hot water, solar or battery rebate).

The Victorian Battery rebate is now in stage 1 meaning they rolling it out but to limited areas. This is limited to postcodes around the fringe areas of Melbourne and country. Narre Warren and Mornington Peninsula are closest areas to have the Battery rebate apply. The Battery rebate will pay half of the cost of approved home battery storage systems With a cap of $4838. Please note the solar rebate cannot be applied as well battery rebate. You can only claim one rebate.

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