Off- grid comes in many power forms from of power and what is required of it. We try to understand your requirements and design a system for your needs. Grow Energy provides solutions for amping to private homes living off- grid to commercial situations requiring solutions in shipping containers.

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Power hub can take up to 120 Ah battery and has 10 connection points plus a 300w Pure Sine Wave inverter.

Price $410.00

Add battery some people put smaller batteries to reduce weight. 100ah AGM Deep Cycle $285

Add panel. We recommend 130w panel foldable with solar controller $230

Red Earth Energy Storage S Series Victron

Red Earth Energy Storage S Series

Perfect for home off-grid requirements

140W 400X400

Small off-grid 50w-200w panels in stock

Call for pricing

Grow Energy is the Victorian distributor for Red Earth Energy and proud to offer Blackmax shed power. This is perfect for the weekender that doesn't have any electricity. Its a off-grid system and DIY system if putting up less than 6 solar panels. It comes with 4kw of Lithium Ion batteries and 3kw inverter. Also can plug in generator for winter periods or high use days.

Price $7,500 inc GST and 4kw Lithium Ion Battery Australian Made.

Panels extra and allow $230 for 275W or 315 w $300

Blackmax Shed Diy Au Made
Red Earth Energy Storage Bush Pig Control Room With Technician
Red Earth Energy Storage Bushpiglet10Foot

Red earth Energy Storage Bush Pig

Great for remote locations 10/20 or 40 foot container fully air-conditioned

Batteries designed for extreme weather situations.

Commissioned off site and shipped to remote locations to contain cost.


JA Solar 320w Split cell

Our go to solar panel 320w with 12 year warranty

$248 + GST



Solar Analytics Monitoring measures your data in real-time:
solar generation, energy use, system performance and cost savings. Get access to all your energy stats anywhere, on any device to get the most value from your system.


Smarten up your solar battery system.
Reposit Power’s solar and battery smart controller lowers your power bill, lets you use energy the way you want to and sells your energy back to the grid when it’s most valuable.


carbonTRACK is a revolutionary technology that adjusts the electricity use of individual household and commercial appliances. It learns habits, probes the electrical grid for load and tariff, and knows the proximity of a building's occupants. carbonTRACK's intelligent algorithm learns how you use electricity by monitoring devices and appliances, and turns them on or off to minimize your energy use.


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