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If you are looking for assistance with solar panel installation in Melbourne, then you are at the right place. We, at Grow Energy, offer top quality solar panels backed up with professional installation services.

  • Good: Poly includes Opal, Risen and GCL,
  • Better: Mono PERC includes JA Solar, Astronergy, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar and LONGi Green Energy Technology
  • Best: Market leaders in efficiency and warranty includes LG and Sun Power.

Meet Our Top 5 Solar PV Panels

  1. Longi 370W: Number 1 solar panel manufacturer in the world. Top value for money.
  2. Hyundai 350W: Korean company offering 25 year warranty.
  3. REC 330W Black Series: Norway-based company, made in Singapore. 25 year warranty.
  4. Sunpower Maxeon 3 400W: 25 year warranty. Premium product with highest efficiency rated product (along with LG below).
  5. LG Neon 2 365W: 25 year warranty. Premium product with highest efficiency rated product (along with Sunpower at #4).

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Or take a closer look at our Top 5 and our current deals, below.


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Longi 370W PV Panels

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Longi Panel Lr4 60 Hph 370 M Crop

Hyundai 350W PV Panels

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Hyundai Panel 350 W Shingle

REC 330W Black Series PV Panels

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Rec Panel 330W Black Crop

Sunpower Maxeon 3 400W PV Panels

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Sunpower Panel Maxeon3 400W Crop

LG Neon 2 365W PV Panels

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Lg Panel Neon2 365W Crop

Inverters Multiple


Choosing the right inverter is critical for your solar energy system or when incorporating battery storage, so don't limit your options.

Typically, a battery company will work with a limited range of inverters. We have a wide range of inverters to make sure you get the right one for the job. We stock inverters, microinvertors, battery inverters, and hybrid inverters from the following companies: Enphase, Sungrow, ABB, Selectronic, Solar Edge, Goodwe, Fronius and Redback.

Options can be overwhelming, but we'll help you work through them to get the inverter that meets your needs.

Our Top 5 Inverter Brands

#1 Sungrow: Balances quality and cost

#2 Fronius: European made, top quality

#3 Solis: Cost effective

#4 Solar Edge: Optimises individual panel monitoring

#5 Enphase: Micro-inverters for panels facing two or more directions

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