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Save Huge on Energy Bills with Solar Panels

If you are looking for assistance with solar panel installation in Melbourne, then you are at the right place. We, at Grow Energy, offer top quality solar panels backed up with professional installation services.

  • Good: Poly includes Opal, Risen and GCL,
  • Better: Mono PERC includes JA Solar, Astronergy, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar and LONGi Green Energy Technology
  • Best: Market leaders in efficiency and warranty includes LG and Sun Power.

We have 3 packages for different areas.

Kingston Package or Short Term package Risen or Opal 275w panels Sungrow Inverter.

Glen Eira Package or Long Term Package Astronergy or JA Solar 315W Mono PERC Panels plus Sungrow Inverter.

Bayside Package or Leafy Family Package Longi 350 W Split cells Mono PERC plus Enphase micro-inverters.

You can call us on 03 8820 8133 or just write to us at We also get back to queries posted online.


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Interest Free Package $1888

With Solar Homes Victoria rebate of $1888 you can get interested interest free through government which means you only need to pay Grow Energy deposit of $850 plus the interest free $1888 through Solar Victoria, after Solar Victoria $1888 rebate.

$39.34 per month* to Solar Victoria 48 months

$1524 payment to Grow Energy

JA Solar 330 w x 18 panels= 5.94kW SYSTEM

Average savings $90.00 per month


LONGI 350w x 18 panles = 6.3kw

$2024 payment to Grow Energy after Solar Victoria rebate, STC financial incentive and Solar Victoria repayment scheme.

*per month, to home owners who qualify for Solar Homes Victoria and select interest free option, come and see us in our showroom to discuss

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Ja Solar Module

Enphase Micro Inverter & Longi 350w split cell Mono Panels

Longi Solar 6.3kW System

18 x IQ7X Enphase Micro Inverters

Envoy Monitoring

CEC Certified Installation

Pre-site Inspection

Enphase Iq7

*per month over 48 months, available to approved applicants only.
terms & conditions apply, come and see us in our showroom to discuss


315 W Astronergy Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 6 kW
12 Year Warranty 25 Years Performance

Ja Solar Module
315 W JA Solar Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 6 kW
12 Year Warranty 25 Years Performance

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350W Longi Panels Mono PERC
20 Panels: 7 kw
12 Year Warranty 30 Year Performance
6kw Fronius Inverter

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330W Panels Neon2
20 Panels: 6.6kW
25 Year Warranty

Fronius 6kw inverter

Prices Include: Design, Installation, STC Rebate, Inverter, GST
*Available to approved applicants only
Or come in to discuss a "super hot" deal

Inverters Multiple


We also have all the various types of inverters required to meet your solar power and battery storage needs. Choosing the right inverter is critical when incorporating battery storage.

Not all inverters work with every battery storage solution. Typically, a battery company will work with a range of investors, but not all of them. We can help you work through this. You can narrow down your select by this quick reference guide

Cost effective option- Goodwe and Sungrow.

European made top quality - ABB and Fronius.

Shading SolarEdge, Tigo optimisers and Enpahse micro -inverters.

More than two direction facing such as East North West plus safest option Enphase micro- inverters

We stock a large range of inverters — microinvertors, battery inverters and hybrid inverters — from the following companies: Enphase, Sungrow, ABB, Selectronic, Solar Edge, Goodwe, Fronius and Redback.