About Grow Energy

After being involved in the battery industry for over 30 years, setting up battery wholesale and retail outlets across Australia, Scott Davies and his brothers turned their focus to battery services for motoring clubs such as RACV, NRMA and AAA. It worked, the company going global and the Davies brothers becoming world experts on batteries. In recent years, they've distributed and installed nearly two million units each year. After conquering the battery industry, Scott turned his focus to setting up Eco Retreats, as his passion turned to environment and sustainability.

Filling a Void in the Market

With the advancement of battery technologies playing a vital role in the renewable energy mix, Scott saw a void in the market. Most renewable energy solutions — such as solar power with battery storage — were being sold through websites, telemarketing or door-to-door sales.

Grow Energy was born, a Victorian-owned company focused on South East Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. We provide a showroom in Cheltenham where people can gather information to decide the best renewable energy solution for them — without the added selling pressure.

Our Showroom

How we produce and use energy as a community is set to change dramatically in the coming years. Our showroom exists to help individuals and businesses through this major transition.

We provide help and advice with all aspects of renewable energy: its production, through solar panels; its storage, through batteries; its usage, including electric vehicle charging equipment and e-bikes; and monitoring, through monitoring systems that help you track and understand your power usage.

Why Grow Energy

The name Grow Energy was inspired by that feeling you get when eating the veggies you've grown yourself, or when giving them to a neighbour. Nothing beats the taste of a home-grown tomato with fresh basil leaves, or the feeling of coming home on a summer's day and turning on the air conditioner guilt free, knowing you produced the energy that's keeping you and your family cool.

Solar just makes sense — and cents!