Red Earth Troppo | Storage Batteries
Red Earth Troppo | Storage Batteries
Red Earth Troppo | Storage Batteries

Red Earth Troppo | Storage Batteries

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RedEarth’s own battery, Troppo, is the first Australian-made and owned battery approved and listed by the Clean Energy Council.



RedEarth’s own battery, Troppo, is made in Brisbane. It is a high-quality, self-managed battery that uses the safest and most durable lithium ion technology available, Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP), meaning greater energy storage capacity for you.

Combined with our latest battery management system, accessible 63A DC dual-pole MCB breaker, detailed display, and a usable handle, Troppo delivers a safe, highly efficient, and cost-effective service over the life of both residential and commercial systems, both on- and off-grid.

Plus, the Troppo battery is designed to be used in many of RedEarth’s ready-to-run Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) as well as RedEarth’s range of battery cabinets that include all battery cables along with optional battery breakers and remote monitoring capability. 
Simply install a RedEarth system in your home and start powering your future today. From your tiny home to your McMansion, RedEarth has the dependable, safe, Australian-made solution for you.

Nominal capacity
4.1kWh / 79.8Ah
Recommended operating voltage range
48.0 - 57.6 VDC
Useable capacity
3.28kWh @ 80%
Charge/discharge cycles of certified 3.800mAh cells at 1C rate (to 80% residual capacity)
2,000@100% DoD / 4,000@80% DoD / 7,000@50% DoD @ 25°C operating temp.
Nominal DC voltage
Projected MWh delivered over battery lifetime
10.2MWh at 80% DoD
Maximum discharge current
63A (limited by circuit breaker)
Round trip efficiency
Maximum charge current
63A (limited by circuit breaker)
Parallel connection
from 4.1kWh to 100kWh+
Maximum power on discharge
Approx. 3kW
Series connection
Not designed for series connection
Expected calendar life @25°C
>10 years when used as per warranty terms

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