Car Battery Replacement delivered and installed

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COVID-19 plan currently has us delivering all batteries to your location including installation. Our shop will remain closed to public but still operating via telephone and web. please call to check the price and arrange delivery

Address: 325A Bay Rd, Cheltenham 3192 Victoria, for pick up or installation. We are now offering free home delivery within 10km of Grow Energy.

With years of experience in battery industry we offer the easiest way to get a price for your car battery. Our 4 point battery pricing.

Best batteries are made in Korea and we have the best Korean battery manufacture Hyundai Sungwoo Holdings. Making for Grow Energy and The Battery Club

We go one better than price guarantee. We guarantee our like for like batteries with RACV will be $50 less than the so called member price. Hows that for price guarantee.

  • Common car $165.00 for all 4 and 6 cylinder cars Delivered and installed to your home. All makes such as Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and VW. Heavy duty with 2year warranty up to 650cca.
  • 3 year warranty high cranking our new silver range gives you our premium car battery $185 for regular car models
  • 4wd, Diesel and Japanese EFB Stop Start $215. Delivered and installed to your home Higher cranking batteries. 3 year warranty
  • AGM Stop/StartCar Battery $330 High cranking for newer European cars with stop/start or high electrical loads. 2 year warranty

All we need is make of vehicle model and year of car and we will bring the battery to you. You can also pay by credit card through our Mobile EFTPOS

Cant be simpler, call us we have full automotive range in stock and delivered to you either $165, $215 or $330

K85 R5501 234X234

Common Car Battery


Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Kia

Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota.

installed 2 year warranty

563181 500X500

Common Car Battery


Delivered and installed

Top Quality Made in Korea

K46 B24 Ls1 234X234

Common Car Battery

$165.00 2 year warranty

Free Delivery durning Lockdown

K95 D31 Rs 234X225

4WD, Diesel Hilux, Ranger, Land Cruiser

900 CCA High cranking

3 year warranty


K95 D31 Rs 234X225

High cranking 55D23L

650cca 3 year warranty

Suit most Toyota,Mazda Hyundai


K95 D31 Rs 234X225

High Cranking for DIN66

800cca 3 year warranty

Suits most older European cars


Kefb55 D23 R 234X234

EFB Car Battery $215

Japanese Stop Start Vehicles

3 year warranty

Kefb56638 234X234 1

EFB Car Battery

For Late model VW


2 year warranty

Vrl590 234X205

AGM Car Battery

For all European Stop Start Vehicles

70ah 760 CCA

80ah 800CCA

95ah 850CCA


Most late model Mercedes and Range Rover

M24 234X206

Marine Starting Battery

M50MF/ M24MF630

630 CCA Marine Maintence Free

Hot Special price $150

Km27 234X234

Marine M27 /M27SMF730

High cranking 730 CCA Marine

Special Price $180

Km31 234X234

Marine M31 /86MF

900 CCA Maintence Free

Special price $215

Ksagm95 234X234
AGM Battery

95 AH 850CCA

36 month warranty

Hot Special price $360

Ksagm80 234X234
AGM Car Battery

Stop Start 800 CCA 80 AH

3 year warranty

Special Price $330

Ksagm70 234X234
AGM 70 Ah

AGM Stop Start Battery 760 CCA 70AH High Cranking

Price $330

Npdc121200 234X234

AGM Deep Cycle Battery


Battery for fridge or caravan battery 120 ah


Call on 03 8820 8133

We Bring the Shop to you | Shop Local with Grow Energy

Local battery specialist direct to public

All car batteries in stock and we carry either 2 year or 3 year warranty on all our batteries. Large stocks of regular automotive starting batteries, AGM Stop Start and Deep Cycle Batteries. All emergency or backup power supplies, camping, marine, jet ski's, secondary batteries, e-bike and scooters.

Truck batteries come with either 12 month or 2 year warranty we have complete range from cost effective getting you back on the road to high power long lasting batteries.

We supply direct to the public as well trade and local industry for all battery requirements. Public coming into store receives wholesale direct prices.

With over 30 different sizes for car batteries and stock leading brands such as Varta, Neuton, REMCO, Crown, it pays to call and provide us with make, model and year of car. We can then give you price as well options example highest cranking amps. All to hard just drive down and we can test old battery and install a new one.

Locals serving locals. We have a store and can compete with internet prices due to wholesale direct to public.

Home Delivery and install

If you are stuck and can't come to us we can arrange a suitable time to bring the battery to you and install. We provide this service for Bayside , Kingston and Glen Eira local areas. Additional charges apply. We can even deliver forklift or boat batteries directly to you.

For deep cycle or truck batteries we can arrange courier that can deliver to your doorstep across Melbourne same day.


Npk Silver Series Banner 2

Car Batteries

With over 40 years experience, the Grow Energy team can help you find the best quality starting or AGM batteries at the best price. Drop by our battery showroom where we provide free testing and installation on all car batteries. Testing can be completed in 3 minutes and installation takes an average of 10 minutes! Our simple 3-step process includes test, installation and payment. If your battery doesn't need replacement, then there will be no charge for the test. We provide wholesale direct pricing to local Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira communities.

Car battery range of Neuton brand made by Hyundai factory sealed maintenance free high cranking batteries. Premium range AGM and EFB in stock for modern vehicles with Stop/Start technology. We can advise you on what is the best battery for your vehicle.

Drop in 325A Bay rd Cheltenham no appointment necessary or call for pricing on 03 8820 8133. We can even arrange local delivery and install to Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira. Battery replacement made easy.

M24 234X206

Electric Car charging Equipment

Electric Cars are going to increase and where they are charge is going to change our work place and apartment building requirements. People are now going to look for EV charging at work or apartments. Weather for commercial space, apartments or need one installed at your home we have a solution for you to meet your budget.

Grow Energy has 4 live working EV charges that you can try out day or night for free. Stop by durning the day say hello and charge up your car directly from our solar panels for 100% renewable energy transport. Its our way of helping people that are making a difference.

We can arrange a quote for ev charging supply only, or supply and install for residential and commercial.

Electric Vehicle Charging Melbourne

Explore our range

Eo Charger

EO Charging

Intelligent charging solutions for the home, work and destination.

$1,900 includes installation

Cir Charger


Fast charger for EV with modular technology.

$2,100 includes installation

Keba Charger


The next generation wallbox.

$2300 includes installation