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Large stocks Deep Cycle and AGM Deep Cycle. All backup power supplies, camping, caravan, marine.

REMCO AGM Deep Cycle batteries use thicker than average plates resulting in able to discharge lower. Remco deep cycle AGM can discharge to 80% for over 300 cycles which is why REMCO offer 2 year warranty on Deep Cycle AGM range

Remco 1

Remco RM12-120C

AGM/Deep Cycle 2 year warranty

Hot Special Price: $330

RRP: $370

Cr220 234X234

Crown Golf Cart 6 volt T-125

Crown CR-220 Made in USA

232AH $220 + GST

Ac Hcm27Smf 933Ab82F Ba8C 48F7 99Cc 62D0B1Cfffb8 360X

AcDelco Marine/Deep Cycle

Group size 27 97 ah plus 680 CCA

2 year warranty

Special price $225 inc GST

Rm12 100 Dc M8

Remco RM12-100 100 AH

Top Quality AGM Deep Cycle

2 year warranty

Hot Special Price: $270

RRP: $340

Optima Yellow Top D27

66 AH 830 CCA

Hot Special Price $355 inc GST

Cr235 234X234

Crown Golf Cart T-125

Crown CR-235 made in USA AGM

235AH $255 plus GST

Optima Marine battery OPT34M

815 cca $270 inc GST

Rm12 55 Dc
Remco RM12-55 55 Ah

Top Quality AGM Deep Cycle

2 year warranty

Hot Special Price: $215

RRP: $290

Fullsizeoutput 8Bd

Optima Yellow Top D31

75 AH 900 CCA

Hot Special Price $390 inc GST

Delkor Deep Cycle Gc2 Xhd Utl 250W

Golf Cart 8 volt

$220 + GST

Optima Bt D27 M Right Copy

Optima Marine/Deep Cycle

800 CCA plus 66 Ah deep cycle

$365 including GST

Don't know right battery call us and explain what you need the battery to do and give us dimensions to work out highest power or best price. If we don't have in stock we can normally have in stock within 24 hours.

Price match guarantee we will match any price in Melbourne with a smile. Find a cheaper price up to 30 days and we will refund you the difference.

We supply direct to the public as well trade and local industry for all battery requirements.

Crazy November Special call and ask for Hot Special

November 2019 Special AGM Deep Cycle 120ah REMCO 2 year warranty $290 including GST 36kg L330mm

Best AGM Deep Cycle Batteries 12 month warranty Quick Guide

12 volt AGM Deep cycle Pricing Common sizes

12 volt 15 AH $75.00 inc GST 4+ $65.00 each weight 4.3kg. L 151mm W 99mm H 103mm
12 volt 40 AH $160.00 inc GST 4+ $150.00 each weight 11.1kg L 195mm W 130mm H 162mm
12 volt 60 AH $240.00 inc GST 4 +$210.00 each weight 16.5kg. L 229mm W 139mm H 216mm
12 volt 100 AH $235.00 inc GST 4+ $225.00 each weight 28kg. L 307mm W 168mm H 212mm
12 volt 120 AH $265.00 inc GST 4+ $255.00 each weight 34kg. L 330 mm W 171mm H 214mm
12 volt 230 AH $560.00 inc GST. 4+ $530.00 each weight 75kg. L 532mm W 207mm H 220mm

Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Batteries

D34 Deep Cycle 12 volt 55ah 750 CCA $330 inc GST

D27 Deep Cycle 12 volt 66ah 830CCA $$380 inc GST

D31 Deep Cycle 12 volt 75 ah 900 CCA $390 inc GST

8 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries

8 volt 165 CCA (T-875) $230 + GST 4+ $220 each + GST weight 29.1kg. L 262mm W 181mm H 273mm

6 volt Deep Cycle Golf Cart batteries

6 volt 220 CCA ( T -105) $210 +GST 4+ $200 each + GST weight 29.1kg L 260mm W 181mm H 273mm

6 volt 235CCA ( T-125) $240 + GST 4+ $230 each + GST weight 31.3 kg. L 260mm W 181mm H 273mm

2 volt Deep cycle off-grid please call with quantity and power required for pricing.

When comparing prices please look at weight of battery. Some products on the market are too light to achieve the rating they claim.

We stock AcDelco, Delkor, Varta, Neuton, Full River, Optima ,REMCO, Crown, Rolls

If you are stuck and can't come to us we can arrange a suitable time to bring the battery to you and install. We provide this service for Bayside , Kingston and Glen Eira local areas. Additional charges apply. We can even deliver forklift or boat batteries directly to you. We can organise delivery out of hours early morning if required

For deep cycle or truck batteries we can arrange courier that can deliver to your doorstep across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula same day. Rapid dispatch extra charges within Three Hours.

Battery Blowout Dc


Boat, AGM Deep Cycle, Golf Buggy Batteries

Starting or Deep Cycle we can provide expert advice with the best prices in Melbourne. With over 40 years experience, we know batteries for Boats, Golf Buggy, Forklifts Deep Cycle or UPS. Boat Batteries are becoming more purpose built for the application. In the past we had either starting or deep cycle. Now the batteries are energy source for many products. Some requiring starting performance then ability to be able to discharge and cycle. We can't just go on the power rating to tell if the battery is best suited. We must match the application with the battery to get the most out of your battery.

Deep Cycle AGM batteries are a big seller. The two most common sizes are 100AH and 120AH. This is rated at testing @20hr rate which is the industry standard. The biggest confusion is higher spec batteries claiming 130AH. This is taken from testing @ 5 hr rate giving it higher rating. We don't use this rating in Australia but many companies still chose to promote this rating

Boat Battery range Optima, Full River, Hard Core, Delkor, Odyssey Predator, US Battery, BAE Energy, Neuton Power, Crown, CGB. Finding the best solution battery either start or deep cycle. Most common selling AGM Deep Cycle is 12 volt 120 ah. Call or drop in to explain the application space and power needed. We can then price the battery to suit your needs.We also supply golf buggy batteries.

Batteries for marine come in many shapes and sizes. We can offer a boat battery that has combination starting and cycling. The AcDelco HCM24SMF 580 CCA and HCM27SMF 680 CCA offer 2 year warranty becoming the market choice for marine and boat batteries.

Lithium Ion now is found in power tools but becoming alternative for golf cart and boat applications. Normally when weight is a concern or long life applications.Price is usually 3x the price of AGM Deep Cycle.We are also specialist on Lithium Ion Phosphate RELION range if looking for light weight long life battery. Our range of deep cycle batteries also includes Lithium Ion batteries for E-bikes and power tools. Lithium Ion is now being use in caravans and we offer 100ah Lithium Ion at prices starting from $1,150.

Batteries come in many shapes and sizes. We stock large range but also want to provide fresh stock as life of battery starts when battery is first charged. Odd sizes we order in as main warehouse are based around Melbourne and can have them delivered to Grow Energy within 24 hours. So, if you are looking for deep cycle batteries in Melbourne, then you are at the right place.

Drop by Showroom or call to get prices 03 8820 8133. We can also arrange delivery directly to you.

Our Grow Energy Cheltenham showroom stocks Melbourne's widest range of e-vehicle charging equipment for Tesla, BMW and all electric vehicles.

One of the biggest challenges is picking the charger that suits your needs and your battery. The faster charging times aren't always the best for your battery, reducing its lifespan. It's important to strike a balance you can live with – whether it's charging over 2-3 hours or 6-8 hours. We also have solutions for commercial properties and apartments that can bill customers for power used.

Grow Energy has 4 live working EV charges that you can try out day or night for free. Stop by durning the day say hello and charge up your car directly from our solar panels for 100% renewable energy transport. Its our way of helping people that are making a difference.

We can arrange a quote for ev charging supply only, or supply and install for residential and commercial.

Electric Vehicle Charging Melbourne

Explore our range of Electric Vehicle Charging

As electric vehicle range is becoming more common and ready to explode we are finding that new developments must start to thinking of putting a solution together. Apartment buildings and worksites are now going to start requiring electric vehicle charge points. They will expect Level 2 type charge solutions.

Call Grow Energy to put together total package for you including supply and installation or just supply.

Eo Charger

EO Charging

Intelligent charging solutions for the home, work and destination.

$1,900 includes installation

Cir Charger


Fast charger for EV with modular technology.

$2,100 includes installation

Keba Charger


The next generation wallbox.

$2300 includes installation