Solar Victoria Rebates for Homes

This page contains information about the two different solar rebates available for homes, as well as the interest free loan offered by Solar Victoria.

Please note: You can only receive one rebate per property: either the panel rebate or the battery rebate. Secondly, the interest free loan is only available in conjunction with the panel rebate.

You will also find information for landlords or renters wishing to take advantage of solar rebates. Unfortunately, the battery rebate is not currently offered for rental properties.

$1,400 Solar Panel Rebate

With the rebates on offer from Solar Victoria, there's never been a better time to get solar for your home. The Solar Homes Panel Rebate reduces the out of pocket cost of eligible installations by $1,400. This rebate is available to owner-occupied and rental properties.

The Solar Victoria Interest Free Loan

Defer $1,400 of the cost of your solar installation with a 0% interest loan from Solar Victoria, for eligible applicants.

The loan is required to be repaid over four years, or can be repaid sooner in one lump sum.

Eligibility criteria apply. Please see the Solar Victoria Interest Free Loan Fact Sheet.

Solar Rebates for Rental Properties

The Solar Homes Panel Rebate and Interest Free Loan are available for rental properties. Please see Solar Victoria's website for information for landlords and information for renters.

$3,500 Home Battery Rebate

Batteries have never been more affordable with Solar Victoria's $3,500 Battery Rebate. Have a look at their Fact Sheet for more information, including eligibility criteria.

How It Works

Home Rebate Eligibility Criteria

Choose an authorised solar retailer

Grow Energy is an authorised Solar Victoria retailer and we only stock approved solar panels, so our customers are always eligible to apply for rebates.

Being an authorised retailer means we use best practice in designing and retailing solar systems, abide by Australian Standards and adhere to the Clean Energy Council’s Retailer Code of Conduct. Our experienced installers at DT Electric are also CEC accredited, so our customers are assured of the quality of their system's design and installation.

We have extensive experience helping our customers through the rebate application process, whether they are putting solar onto their existing home, a new build or rental property.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer
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Applicant eligibility criteria

You are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a solar PV system for your home if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are the owner-occupier of the property (no holiday houses)
  • the property owners have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year (based on last year’s Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
  • you have not already received a rebate under the Solar Homes Program
  • it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million
  • that the property address has not previously taken part in the Solar Homes Program
  • the property does not have an existing solar PV system.

The rebate process

Here is what we will be guiding you through:

  1. Once you have accepted our quote, we upload it to the Solar Victoria portal.
  2. You receive an email from Solar Victoria inviting you to apply for your rebate and guiding you through the process.
  3. Complete the application, uploading documents to prove your identity, property ownership and income.
  4. Wait up to 5 business days for your application to be reviewed.
  5. You will receive email confirmation from Solar Victoria once you've been approved. This email contains a QR code that must be presented to your installer on the date of installation.
  6. We schedule your installation. You pay the 10% installation deposit.
  7. Your installation takes place. You pay the remaining balance of your invoice.
  8. We submit documentation to Solar Victoria and they pay us the rebate amount directly.

For more information on the application process, including which documents you will need, please see Solar Victoria's "how to apply" webpage or the fact sheet linked on this page.

If you have any questions about the rebate or interest free loan process, or are unsure of your eligibility, get in touch with us and we'll talk you through it.

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Pay off your system over a term that suits you. You might even find that your electricity bills after your installation plus your loan repayments is very similar to what you’re currently paying for your electricity!