4WD Starter, Auxiliary & Dual Batteries

For 4x4, caravans and campers

Free contactless battery delivery and install in Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira area - still available during lockdown!

Need a new starter battery for your 4WD? Heading off caravanning or camping and need an auxiliary battery to run your fridge and lights? We have a full 4WD battery range in stock with brands including Exide, Hyundai and Poweroad. So whether you've got a Toyota Hilux, a Ford Ranger, a Mistubishi Triton, or something else, we've got the battery for you.

All we need is the brand and model of your car and we will bring the battery to you and install it. We'll also take away your old battery and recycle it. You can pay by credit card or EFTPOS over the phone or upon delivery. Couldn't be simpler!

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4WD Starter Batteries

Petrol or diesel, under the bonnet

4WD starting batteries are more durable than standard batteries, designed to cope with the continuous vibration that comes with off-roading, as well as very high temperatures under the bonnet, particularly if you're heading north or west. These are not designed as a power source for running fridges or other electronics.

115 D31 L
Hyundai Enercell
N70ZZ / 115D31R
30 month warranty
Exide Lc Extreme Xn70 Zzmf
Exide Extreme
42 month warranty

Dual Purpose Batteries

Petrol or diesel, under the bonnet

These batteries are designed to both start your engine and act as a deep cycle auxiliary power source.

Hyundai DC27 Deep Cycle Auxiliary Battery
Hyundai DC27
640CCA Starting
90AH Deep cycle
30 month warranty
Hyundai DC27 Deep Cycle Auxiliary Battery
Hyundai DC31
750CCA Starting
105AH Deep cycle
30 month warranty

4WD Auxiliary Batteries

In the boot, trunk or canopy

An auxiliary battery is essential for any trips where you want to be able to run a fridge, some lights, or charge electronics. Don't risk using your starter battery - it's not designed for use as an auxiliary power source and you could find yourself up a creek with a flat battery!

AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Amptech 100 Ahweb
24 month warranty
Amptech 120 Ahweb
24 month warranty

Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Batteries

See our full range on our Lithium Ion Batteries page.

Poweroad Prlr100Web
Poweroad *Premium*
12V 100AH
3 year warranty
Hi Massi 12 V 100 Ah Crop Web
12V 120AH
3 year warranty
Power Lithium 110 Ah Slimline Batteryweb
Power Lithium Lithium Ion Battery
12V 110Ah
Power Lithium 110 Ah Slimline Battery 2Web
Power Lithium Lithium Ion Battery
12V 135Ah

Why do I need a DC to DC Charger?

Are you sick and tired of going camping or 4 wheel driving and being scared that your fridge or light might drain your starter battery? Worry no longer. Grab yourself a DC to DC charger!

The DC charger is a smart piece of technology that takes power from your starter battery/alternator only when you’re driving and won’t take any power once your vehicle is switched off. That means your starter battery (the one that starts your vehicle) won’t go flat from keeping your fridge or phone powered!

Combine your DC-DC charger with one of the above auxiliary batteries that can be charged by your alternator when driving, and provide power to your tools, lights and fridge when your car is off. Sorted.

Dcdc Charger Victron Crop Web2
Victron DC-DC Charger

Let us install it for you!

Dual Battery Kit Installation

Book your set-up today

Our experts will kit you out with your dual battery system and show you how to use it. Maximum installation cost is $600. If it takes less than 6 hours, you pay by the hour ($100 per hour).

Going away for longer than a weekend?

Check out our full range of portable solar panels and DC-DC chargers with solar input, to recharge your auxiliary battery while you're away.

All Makes and Models Fitted

Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota HiLux, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Nissan Patrol, Holden Colorado, LandRover Discovery, Great Wall Steed, Mercedes X-Class, VW Amarok, and more!

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