Lithium Ion Batteries

Galaxy of Power for Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Our new, innovative lithium ion batteries offer uninterrupted power supply that you are looking for. They make a compact, long lasting, sophisticated and light weight energy storage option for industrial processes, data centers and other critical infrastructure. Today, lithium ion comes with the fast growing and highly promising battery chemistry. The energy density of these batteries is twice that of the standard batteries with a huge potential for even higher and desirable energy densities.

The load characteristics of lithium ion batteries are reasonably higher with a huge cell voltage up to 3.6 volts. Being a low maintenance battery, it offers benefits that most of the other batteries cannot provide. Memory and scheduled cycling are nor required for prolonging your battery life. As the self discharge of these batteries is less than half, they make an ideal choice for modern gauge applications.

Lithium Ion Battery are used in location where

  • You are limited for space as you can discharge a Lithium Ion battery deeper you have more access to AH rating on the battery
  • Weight if weight is an issue then Lithium Ion is normally 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of Lead Acid deep Cycle
  • Longer life. Lithium Ion is designed to have more cycles than traditional Lead Acid or AGM. Normally double the amount. Our Lithium Ion 100 ah are designed for 4,000 cycles which is why we are giving a 3 year warranty on our product.

All Lithium Ion cells are not the same. Like most products you have average quality and good quality. There is a price difference and people understand this. In a new product such as Lithium Ion Batteries consumers think for some reason all Lithium Ion Batteries have the same cells inside. This is a ig mistake and if you are buying on price you may be disappointed in Lithium Ion products. Come into grow Energy and we will show you our cells and explain different pricing points.

Your Robust and Stable Battery Solution

Designed to have high capacity, high energy density, higher power and being light in weight, our lithium ion batteries can be your galaxy of power. These are one of the extremely popular varieties of rechargeable batteries. The best part is, they cause minimal harm when disposed. Even the new batteries do not require prolonged priming. All that you need is one regular charge.

At Grow Energy, we offer a wide array of lithium ion batteries that successfully serve a variety of purposes. Supplying batteries for over 30 years, we have wholesale and retail battery outlets Australia wide. We also offer different types of renewable energy solutions. Our experts can also provide you with the necessary advice on various battery types and help you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Still have queries? Just take a moment to fill out our online form or drop an email to You can also call us directly on 03 8820 8133. We look forward to hear from you.

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Insta Power Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery for Caravan or back up power

100 Amp 14kg $1,150 inc GST

150 amp 20kg $1,775 inc GST