Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle battery | An Ideal choice for a camping battery?

Posted on September 09, 2020

Importance of Deep Cycle Batteries

These deep cycle batteries come in three main forms that are used for your home appliance in a trail-er, recreational vehicle or campers. These three forms are Lithium, AGM and Gel.

1. Lead Acid Batteries: Both Gel and AGM batteries are lead-acid caravan batteries. Also, they are known as the conventional sort of deep cycle batteries. They have a typical dimension of around 100 – 120 amp-hours. In comparison, a lead acid battery could be charged to about 50 per cent of its total capacity before the battery is recharged again. This aspect is known as the Depth of Discharge. So, normally a 200 amp-hour lead acid battery has a financial institution of 100 functional amp hours. A 200 amp hour battery is around 50 kg and is much heavier than the newer Lithium batteries.

2. Lithium Batteries: These batteries have gained a lot of popularity among contemporary installa-tions of a camper power system. Lithium batteries have a Depth of Discharge of nearly 80 per cent. This means that the lithium battery of 200 amp-hour ensures 160 functional amp-hours before it needs to be charged. These Lithium batteries weigh about half of the Lead acid caravan batteries and are a much smaller option.

In case you are searching for a battery that uses renewable and solar energy or a battery needed for camping applications, then you will need a Deep Cycle Battery. Deep Cycle or AGM batteries are great for 4WDs, motorhomes, camper trailers, marine, recreational vehicles, camping, and much more. This is because these deep cycle batteries are great energy units that use and store power.

Deep cycle batteries provide power for a long period at a constant steady rate. This makes them a great choice for several commercial and recreational applications like off-grid, boating or camping. These batteries are perfect for applications that use a superior deep cycle performance or a fast re-charge.

Though lead acid batteries are heavier than lithium batteries, you can connect batteries in parallel to boost the power of the batteries combined. However, the batteries moving along with a camper trail-er, boat or caravan would like to lessen the weight and dimensions as much as needed. These are the main reasons why most people are switching to deep cycle lithium batteries.

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