Inverters help home batteries perform

Posted on March 02, 2019

Big advancement and talk in battery technology and little communication is given to inverter for the batteries powering your solar home. The battery inverter or charger is the gatekeeper and its important to match the correct inverter to the brand of battery you choose. A home storage battery has an internal BMS ( battery management system) telling it when conditions are normal or abnormal. When to shutdown and how to communicate. As there are many batteries also many brands of inverters and hard for battery manufactures to work closely with every inverter company.

Your battery inverter/charger needs to match what you are requiring the battery purpose to be. Such as can it provide backup power if so how much power. Some systems shut down when the grid goes down. In 2019 we are getting many choices for homes with single phase power. To date very little choice for systems providing backup power to 3 phase home systems. Two major developments in this space is Fronius Symo Hybrid which can work with 3 phase and BYD battery and also Goodwe 5kw Hybrid or Goodwe 10kw Hybrid once again working with BYD battery. Fronius is due for release April 2019 and Goodwe June/July 2019.

When choosing your batteries please allocate same research for battery inverter/chargers.

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