Portable Solar Blankets & Panels

Perfect for a campsite or work site or hiking!

We stock a wide range of portable solar products from tiny 20W up to 200W. All our portable solar products are 12V, which means they're ready to plug into any of your 12V appliances. Easy!

Solar blankets are popular for being able to be folded up to a very compact size. Their lightweight construction makes them the best choice if you need to carry them yourself (when hiking, for example).

We frequently have customers mounting rigid, portable panels to the roof of their ute, camper or van, which is a convenient option. They can also be kept free-standing and moved around for flexibility - this is handy for when you want to be able to park your vehicle in the shade.

Solar Blankets & Panels

Instapower 20 W 12 V Mono Solar Panel
12V Portable Solar Panels

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20WIP20M470 x 360 x 25mm$50
100WIP100M1200 x 540 x 35mm$132
200WIP200M1580 x 808 x 35mm $189
Instapower 130 W 12 V Mono Foldable Solar Panel
12V 130W Foldable Panel
1290 x 660 x 35mm (unfolded)
Instapower 100 W 12 V Ipb100 Solar Blanket
12V 50W Solar Blankets

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50WIPB50370 x 330 x 80mm (folded)$203
100WIPB100370 x 330 x 80mm (folded)$391
125WIPB125370 x 330 x 80mm (folded) $470

How can I store my solar power?

Solar is great, but you can't always rely on the weather - and nighttime is when we need to run those lights! So here's what you can do:

1. Get an auxiliary battery

An auxiliary deep cycle battery provides an alternative energy source to use when your vehicle is off. Lights, a fridge... anything you need. Deep cycle batteries are designed for this type of constant-draw use (unlike your starter battery) and so last a lot longer to boot!

2. Get a DC to DC battery charger

The battery charger does exactly what the name suggests - charges your auxiliary battery! It takes charge from your alternator - but only while your engine is running. That means your starter battery (the one that starts your vehicle) won’t go flat from charging your auxiliary battery when the engine is off. Phew!

By getting a DC to DC charger with solar input, you can also charge up your auxiliary battery from your solar panels. How good is that! So whether you're driving or parked at a camp site, the DC to DC battery charger with solar input can charge up your auxiliary battery, giving you more power independence.

How many amps do I need in my battery charger? The amps determine how quickly you’ll be able to charge your auxiliary battery. A 40AMP charger will charge a battery twice as fast as a 20AMP charger.

What’s the difference between the Matson and Redarc brands? Redarc is made in Australia, for Australian conditions. Matson is a lesser known but reliable alternative that is made in China.

With a DC to DC charger and your portable solar panels, you can safely power up that aux battery from your engine or the sun.

Matson Dc To Dc Charger Web
with Solar Input
20AMP / 40AMP
$230 / $360
Dcdc Charger Redarc Web
Redarc DC-DC Charger
with Solar Input
20AMP/ 40AMP
$554 / $680

Need guidance? Talk to our experts!

Don't leave it to the night before your weekend away to learn how to use your new gear. Chat to us in-store and we can run you through how to set up your panels and batteries so you're ready to go. Browse our products below and book an appointment.

Let us know what you're planning to charge and we can guide you towards the wattage that will meet your needs.

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