Storage Batteries Designed to Endure

At Grow Energy, we offer top quality storage batteries including home power storage batteries and solar battery storage options.

At Grow Energy, we have the batteries for outside or inside locations. Single phase or 3 phase. Complete system or connecting to your current inverter

Wide Variety of Storage Batteries

Top 3 technology for home storage batteries are lithium ion or Lithium-ion phosphate LiFePO4 or CSIRO designed lead carbon technology. Products such as Flow or Saltwater we can source but not mainstream yet.

To determine what is best for you must know location of storage inside or out, power of solar panels if you currently have inverter. Currently we stock the brands Redback Plyontech, LG Chem, Samsung, Neutron, Simplifi, BYD, Sonnen, Alpha ESS, Solax and Enphase.

Top 4 battery systems we sell include the following:

1. Redback Hybrid Inverter plus - 9.6 kwh Pylontech batteries

2.. Sonnen Hybrid or AC coupled. 12kwh

3. Alpha ESS single phase or 3 phase 11.4kwh

4. Sungrow Hybrid inverter plus Sungrow 9.6kwh batteries

Cost Effective Solar Battery Options

Those who are presently not using solar home batteries are now finding it all the more cost efficient, due to rebates and more product features. People are not only looking at electricity savings but greater understanding of power they produce and use through apps. We want to change we must understand what we use. Batteries give us independence to still function when power goes out. Today, companies like Energy Australia offer $1,000 credit, just to get some access to the power when grid is close to going out. People with home battery storage are going to play a vital part in how our grid turns to renewable energy.

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We have one of the largest ranges of storage batteries on display in Victoria and Australia.


$270 per month*

Opal 6.48kw PV System

24 x 270W Panels 12 year product warranty 25 year performance

Redback Hybrid Inverter Lithium-Phosphate 9.6 kWh Battery Plus monitoring system.

GST Included $14,633 installed. Price is net cost after STC financial incentive applied. Qualify for Victorian Homes battery rebate and pay only $9,800 for solar and battery

*per month over 48 months, available to approved applicants only that qualify for Victorian homes battery rebate.
terms & conditions apply, come and see us in our showroom to discuss. Additional cost for two story or commercial tilt systems on flat roofs.



$1,000 credit on your Energy Australia account. Ask Grow Energy how to join this program

Redback Transparent

JA Solar 5.67kW System

18 x 315w Panels 12 years warranty 25 years performance

SunGrow Hybrid Inverter plus 2 x Sungrow/Samsung Li-Ion 4.8kwh Battery =9.6kwh

$285 per month*

Price includes GST and installation net price after STC rebate

$14,800 . Qualify for Victorian Homes battery rebate and only pay $9,967

*per month over 48 months, available to approved applicants only that qualify for Victorian Homes battery rebate .

terms & conditions apply, come and see us in our showroom to discuss

Sungrow And Canadian 2

Sonnen Flat package

18 x 315 w JA Solar Panels

10kwh Sonnen BAtteries

$21,700 less rebates

total outlay $12,700

with rebates applied ask how you qualify

Sonnen Horizont Claim 1C Black