Installing Panels on Flat Tin Roof

Posted on June 01, 2019

If you have a flat tin roof you may require what is called commercial tilt. This is a mounting system that allows the panels to be angled for two reasons.

    • Tilting the panels on 15 degree -30 degree tilt captures more sun during the winter period when the sun is lower in the sky. It doesn't have much difference in the summer as sun is overhead.
    • A tilt allows the panel to self clean. When heavy rain comes it normally washes of dust and dirt. Cleaning is still required and we recommend check multiple times during the first 12 months this will give you idea of what's required on-going. Typically every 3 years. Depends on trees and birds it may require more frequent cleaning.

    Tilt frames have another benefit is they keep the panels cooler with wind circulation. Minor but it all helps.

    A tilt frame will add another $40 per panels and will cost approximately extra $20 labour each panel due to more work. To know more contact us today.